Tech Terrace UNIT

What is commonly referred to as Tech Terrace or Tech Terrace Unit is actually made up of several subdivisions.  The "UNIT" name comes from the names of the first letters of the streets that bound this area:  University, Nineteenth, Indiana, and Thirty-fourth.  Subdivisions in this Tech Terrace Unit area include:  Tech Terrace, College View, University Place, Forrest Heights, Westridge, Webb, Phillips, Delmar, Simmons, Ellwood Place, and Green Acres.  The great appeal to this neighborhood is the proximity to Texas Tech and to a lesser degree the Hospital and medical district.  Convenient grocery stores, shops, restaurants, and boutiques are also a draw.  A wide range of home sizes and styles are in this neighborhood that started in the 1920's. Many homes have been renovated and added onto.  As can be seen on the summary of sold homes in the past year, prices range widely depending on location, updating, renovation, and some demolition and rebuilding.  Variety of styles of homes from cottage style, traditional, to ranch style homes in Tech Terrace.  Early homes from as far back as the 20's.  Many homes in the Tech Terrace area have efficiency apartments in the backyard.  These are often used as rental units for students going to Texas Tech and typically rent for three to five hundred dollars per month.  They are also used as mother-in-law apartments, studios, home offices, or for storage.


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